Super Air Knife Replaces Drilled Pipe, Saves Air, $$$

Now more than ever, it is important to cut costs and increase efficiency wherever possible.  A customer contacted us recently, looking to improve their linear blowoff situation.  They were currently using a 48″ long pipe with six 1/4″ diameter holes drilled in it, evenly spaced.  The air supply pressure was approx 80psi. 

One 1/4″ diameter hole at 80psi will consume approx 69scfm.  So, six of these holes will require a whopping 414scfm of air!  Using an industry standard cost of $0.25 for every 1000 cubic feet of air used, this means that they were spending $0.10 each minute to produce the required compressed air.  This adds up to $48.00 per 8-hour shift. 

As soon as I heard the words “48” drilled pipe”, I knew exactly what I was going to recommend to this customer.  Our 48″ Aluminum Super Air Knife.  It will provide a uniform curtain of air across the entire 48″ width, rather than the 6 small high spots of airflow on their drilled pipe. 

Also, the Super Air Knife only requires 2.9scfm per inch of length at 80psi of inlet pressure, or approx 139scfm for the whole 48″ knife.  Using the numbers above, it will cost them approx $0.035 per minute to operate this knife, or $16.80 for an entire 8-hour shift.  This corresponds to a cost savings of 65% !

Based on a purchase price of $745.00 USD and assuming one 8-hour shift per day, the cost savings they will achieve will pay off the purchase cost of the knife in just under 24 working days. 

Armed with all of the above savings information, it became a no-brainer decision for this customer to go ahead and purchase the knife, to begin seeing the savings immediately. 

All of EXAIR’s compressed air products are designed to replace inefficient and costly blowoffs.  So, if you have another application where you are looking to save compressed air and energy costs, then please let us know.  We would be glad to help.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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