How Do You Handle Rejection?

No one likes rejection, whether in personal life or in industrial processes. It usually means something isn’t right. But, rejection is a fact of life. It does have to happen sometimes and when it does, we want to make sure it happens well and with plenty of force!

OK, so now you have reasoned that my introduction has more to do with part rejection than with the personal variety.

A customer charged with setting up an inspection conveyor for plastic bottles was looking for a non-contact way in which he could reject the non-conforming bottles. The bottle size ranged from 1 liter to 2 liter PET type. The bottles are empty and running single-file on a 12 inch wide conveyor. The customer was looking for a way to create the non-contact removing force on the bottle.

In comes the EXAIR Model 1122 2″ Super Air Nozzle. This nozzle has the capability to produce a whopping 22 ounces (624 g.) of force onto a target 12 inches away. The nozzle was oriented in a vertical manner alongside the conveyor in the area where the rejection process needed to occur. The nozzle was coupled to a fast-acting solenoid valve  which provided necessary timing control so the nozzle blew the right bottle off the line.

Once installed, the air nozzle reject system was able to knock every single non-conforming bottle off the line exactly as planned. There was no issue with bad product getting through the inspection process. The nozzle replaced simple pipe nipples and was able to produce much more repeatable results with less noise and air consumption, two side benefits the customer had not planned on.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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