Drying Turkeys

Before that delicious honey roasted or smoked turkey reaches your dinner table or lunch meat sandwich, it has to go through a few behind the scenes processes.  The turkey is packaged in shrink wrap, then sent through a washing tunnel before being packed for shipment to your local deli or supermarket.  Before being bulk packed, the packaged turkeys must be properly dried after exiting the wash tunnel. 

They are about the size of a football, but are spread several wide across a 24″ conveyor belt.  So, the drying mechanism must be able to span this entire width.  I recommended our 24″ Super Air Knife for the job.  It can be mounted horizontally across the conveyor, above the turkeys.  The airflow can then be angled slightly opposite the direction of motion of the conveyor.  This will allow the air to “wipe” the water off the turkeys and push it back in the direction of the wash tunnel. 

The air knife will sufficiently dry the packaged turkeys, and will minimize the amount of water that comes out of the wash tunnel, so it does not create a mess in the area. 

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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