Line Vac Part of Vacuum System

I received a call last week from a design and consulting company who was working on a vacuum system for a customer of theirs.  The end user was looking for a way to convey coated almonds and other nuts up 18ft into a hopper.  They were also interested in incorporating some sort of control to sense when the hopper had reached a certain fill level, to shut off the vacuum until the hopper was ready to be filled again.  Upon learning that the end user did in fact have a compressed air supply available at their plant, I knew right away what I would recommend to them. 

A model 6965-20 Stainless Steel Line Vac Kit would provide the Line Vac to do the conveying, a mounting bracket for the Line Vac, 20ft of PVC conveying hose, and a filter and regulator with coupler fitting and mounting brackets.  All they need to do is mount the Line Vac and hook up the compressed air. 

A model 9056 EFC Electronic Flow Control will provide the sensor and control portion of their request.  A photoelectric sensor can be mounted to sense when the fill level reaches a certain point.  It will then send a signal to the user-programmable control box which will in turn operate a solenoid valve to turn the Line Vac on and off as needed.  So, after the installation of these items, human intervention in the application will be essentially non-existent. 

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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