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EXAIR’s blog has over 160 posts since we began to post four times a week late last year. Most of these blog entries explain a variety of applications which have been solved by our products. These application-based blog entries are a good resource.

If you are charged with solving problems or reducing compressed air use at your company, you can review the blog posts and compare the many applications to problems you may have at your company. You may even find an exact match. You can then be confident that EXAIR can provide a solution for your application.

If you are selling solution-based products to your customer base, the EXAIR blog will help educate you on the wide variety of applications we are able to solve. Reading the blog will make you aware of our full product line. And it can arm you with knowledge about our solutions so you may be confident in what you recommend and sell to your customers.

The links within most of our blogs will lead you to more detailed information on our products by getting into our website. At our website you can see our Knowledge Base, where you can find more applications, product models and drawings, PowerPoint presentations to share and .pdf files of our catalog.

And even if you do not see something specific about an application you have or about your industry, you will recognize how well our products function and what kind of problems they solve. This can be helpful to recognize similar problems or processes you have at your workplace or amongst your customer base.

An easy way to see our blog is to set up the RSS feed which will arrive in your e-mail, eliminating the need to remember checking on the latest blog posts. It’s a quick read and will help the next time you experience a problem which was solved with one of our Intelligent Compressed Air Products.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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