Cooling Lip Balm Canisters

Customer fills canisters with molten lip balm. They were filling them on the move. When the canister came under the dispensing nozzle, the fluid was turned on. By the time the other end of the canister reached the nozzle the canister was full and the fluid turned off.

The problem they were having is with a drip that would fall off the dispensing nozzles between canisters. Before the end of the shift the entire conveyor system was coated with lip balm, creating a problem with canisters sitting level on the belt and contaminating the outside of the canisters.  Each canister had to be hand wiped before packing.

EXAIR suggested a model 5215 Cold Gun to blow refrigerated air onto the nozzle to temporarily solidify the fluid until the next canister came into place. This eliminated the drip problem, the hand cleaning operation, and periodic shutdown to clean the belt.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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