Stay Set Ion Air Jet Helps Separate Cards

You know those plastic gift cards that almost every major retailer, and many smaller retailers, have changed over to?  Well, they are very easy to slide into and out of our wallets.  But, they don’t slide so easily into and out of the feeders used in their manufacturing process.

Case in point, one of these manufacturing companies called me last week looking for a way to help separate the stacks of cards as they are put in to a feeder, one at a time.  Currently, the feeder was getting two or more cards at a time, or sometimes no cards at all, because static electricity was causing the cards to stick together.  Just pulling on the top card was not enough to remove only that top card.

So, I recommended our Stay Set Ion Air Jet.  It will provide a blast of ionized air to help initiate the separation of the top card from the rest of the stack.  It will also eliminate the static electricity on the mating surfaces of the cards, that was preventing the cards from separating.  The magnetic base and stay set hose will allow for precise, yet adjustable, mounting of the assembly so the air stream can be aimed at just the right angle, and fit inside the tight space of the machine. 

The installation of this unit will allow the card feeding process to proceed uninterrupted.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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