We Tried That, It Didn’t Work.

I can’t blame a customer for being a tad impatient when I recommend a product which they believe is the same as a competitor’s product and the competitive product has failed in their application. This was the case with an automotive parts company who was die cutting steel parts.

The customer explained to me that the waste material from the punch press operation needed to be blown to the back of the press where it fell into a bulk hopper for future removal. This was an application where they historically always used open tube or pipe blow offs.

So, this being such an easy and straight forward application which I had solved many times before, I made my recommendation. Simply use the EXAIR model 1122 2″ Super Air Nozzle. The response from my customer was not specifically this but the tone stated; “Thanks you big dummy, we tried that and it didn’t work”.

And he proceeded to give me the history of the problem because he was now clearly convinced that more information may not be helpful but might at least enlighten this poor guy at EXAIR who should be moved to the “paper shredding department”.

The Safety Manager demanded the blow off applications be outfitted with nozzles which could provide a lower noise level and meet the 30 PSIG dead end pressure standard mandated by OSHA. So they did outfit the press with nozzles in manifolds, some 2″ wide flat nozzles in from an EXAIR competitor. Over time the nozzles mysteriously disappeared from the operation, noise levels went up, air consumption went up and safe use of compressed air disappeared.

The feedback from the operators, who obviously could not recall what happened to the nozzles and/or manifolds, was the nozzles did not get the job done as well as the open blow offs.

And here is where we can help…EXAIR’s #1122 2″ Super Air Nozzle is the only 2″ wide nozzle on the market which uses a shim to create the air gap. It is not limited by fixed holes or slots which can only be adjusted with your air pressure. You can adjust both pressure AND the volume of air with model #1122.

What does this mean? It means that if you continue to need a larger volume of air and force through your nozzles, we can produce it with a larger shim in the nozzle. With a fixed hole nozzle like our competitors you are limited by the pressure you can produce, once you have reached full pressure you cannot produce any more force.

In this application we closely matched the estimated air consumption they had with the open blow offs, though it was still slightly less consumption. But the safety benefits were put back in place by providing nozzles which did lower the noise levels and did produce the dead end pressure safety standard.

A win-win situation between the press operators and the safety department is not always an easy thing to do. And not a bad bit of helpful assistance from the “paper shredding guy”.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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