Cabinet Cooler Season Not Quite Over

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, even as typical Cabinet Cooler Season begins to wind down, there are still those folks with control panel overheating problems for which we are more than willing and able to provide a solution.  An industrial resale company contacted me on behalf of one of their customers who had a major heat issue inside a large electrical enclosure and was looking for some help. 

After evaluating the information they provided, I determined that our largest Nema 12 dual cooler, model 4380, would be in order.  This unit does require 80scfm of air consumption at 100psi of inlet pressure during continuous operation.  However, I did recommend the thermostat controlled system to them, so that the cooler would only run when absolutely necessary.  With a factory preset thermostat setting of 95°F, this will ensure that the cabinet stays at a safe operating temperature without cooling more than necessary.  Thankfully, the end user did have quite a large compressed air capacity, so even with the cooler in operation, it would not starve their system. 

The installation of this system immediately stopped the heat-related shutdowns they were experiencing, and will continue to provide protection against them throughout the months and years to come.  With no moving parts to wear out or break, they can virtually “set it and forget it”, and the cooler will just turn on and off as needed.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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