Line Vac Conveys Paper Chads

Remember the old dot matrix style printers?  And the paper they used, with the holes punched down each side?  I was recently contacted by a label making company who was actually doing the punching to make this style paper.  Needless to say, all those little paper chads can make quite a mess.

So, he was looking for a way to grab the chads as they are punched and convey them to a collection drum.  The conveying distance was not far, and of course the paper chads are a very lightweight material.  So, a rather small unit would do the trick.  I recommended our 1.5″ Aluminum Line Vac for the job.   It will have more than enough conveying capacity to get all the chads to the drum. 

Because the Line Vac typically conveys material at a rather high velocity, this customer decided to operate the unit at a pressure much lower than we typically recommend.  He didnt want to clean up one mess, only to create another on the outlet end.  So, he also added a screen lid to the drum to help contain the chads as they are deposited, while still allowing the air to flow out to avoid creating a backpressure on the system. 

The installation of the Line Vac and screen drum lid collected almost all of the chads, leaving only a few strays to be cleaned up each day.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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