Caution, Helpful Solutions Provided

If you are thinking about contacting EXAIR be careful, you may end up with the following results:

1. Problem Solved – whether it is to eliminate an overheating electronic cabinet or eject defective parts from a conveyor, we can help. Our broad compressed air product line has provided solutions in sheet metal shops and medical manufacturers, the Hollywood film industry and the shrink film industry. If you are using compressed air you can most likely benefit from our products.

Earlier today I worked with a guy to eliminate his mist coolant on an OD grinder with our Cold Gun.

2. Safety Increased– We engineer our products to meet or exceed OSHA compressed air safety standards. Using our products can eliminate OSHA fines. Many operations still use open pipe or tube blow offs which violate an OSHA dead end pressure standard if over 30 PSIG. They also typically exceed noise threshold standards.

EXAIR recently outfitted a major automotive oil filter manufacturing plant who needed to reduce environmental noise levels in the plant. We outfitted 3/8″, 1/4″ and 3/16″ open copper tubes with our Super Air Nozzles.

3. Energy Savings – We manufacture the most efficient compressed Air Knives, Nozzles, Air Wipes and Air Amplifiers in the industry. One of our main objectives is to provide maximum efficiency problem solving products.

In the example above for the noise reduction project in the oil filter plant we also reduced air consumption enough to shut off a 50 Hp compressor. It was not the primary goal of the project but it could have been. Many of our customers contact us simply to save energy.

If you need a solution please contact EXAIR. Leave us a comment on the blog for everyone to see or contact me via e-mail. If EXAIR has already provided a solution for you, share it with others by leaving a comment on the blog.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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