Line Vac Allows for Easy Transfer of Water Treatment Resin

Have you ever wondered how companies who require large volumes of very clean water (cleaner than what you get from the tap) get it? They use special filtering systems. Some of which are referred to as ion exchange filtering systems. There are others referred to as reverse osmosis filtering systems as well. Those of you who have whole house filtering systems that you maintain might know what I’m talking about.

These filtering systems rely on a special resin through which the water is passed in order to remove the impurities. Over time, the resin’s ability to lock onto the impurities declines and so it must be changed. For industrial applications, the vessels in which the filtering resin is housed are rather large and not very accessible. This makes changing the resin a real challenge.

In comes the Line Vac, an in-line compressed air conveying product. The Model 6063 Line Vac in 1-1/2″ hose size can be used to suck the resin out of the filtering vessel in about 1/2 the time it took to do it using more manual/conventional methods. And again, when it comes time to re-fill the vessel, simply reverse the Line Vac around to suck the material out of the super sacks and blow it up into the filtering vessel.



Are you responsible for similar filtering media changeouts?  Perhaps you should look into a Line Vac as well.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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