Line Vac Moves Powder Up To Hopper

Those of you already familiar with our products know that using a Line Vac to move a powder is typically not an ideal application, as there is great potential for a dust cloud on the outlet due to the high velocity with which the Line Vac moves material.  However, a customer who called me last week has already adapted his system to deal with this problem, and was looking for an even faster way to accomplish his task.

The customer is a manufacturer of animal grooming products such as clippers, etc.  They make many of the component parts via plastic injection molding.  Thus, they needed a way to move the bulk molding compound powder up to the hopper.  They were currently using our model 6083 1.5″ Line Vac to do the job.  This was an improvement over their previous, manual process.  However, they were looking for even faster material transport.

Thus, I recommended our model 150150 1.5″ Heavy Duty Line Vac.  Installation of this unit will require virtually no modification of their current system, since it is the same size unit.  However, the Heavy Duty Line Vac has significantly higher material conveying capacity.  Thus, they will be able to further increase their material flow rate, and thus production throughput. 

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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