Some Important Things To Know When Solving Your Static Problem

Static electricity problems usually come out of the blue. It’s one of those situations that when it happens, you need to fix it fast. Most people end up surfing the internet to learn more about static and how to prevent it. I hope I can help you out by answering some of the most common questions that come up.

Ionizing bars that connect to a high voltage power supply have been around for a long time. The limitation with an ionizing bar is that you have to mount the ionizing bar within an inch or two of the surface for them to be effective. Back in late 1987, EXAIR had a “eureka” moment. We tried something different by putting an ordinary ionizing bar and air knife together. We found that it provided superior static elimination over long distances. Tests showed that an EXAIR Super Ion Air Knife positioned two feet away from a charged surface to be as effective as an ionizing bar that’s positioned a half inch away from the surface.

It’s not the ionizing bar that makes all the difference – but the Super Air Knife that acts as the ion delivery system. The lack of turbulence makes the Super Air Knife capable of pushing the static eliminating ions out over a longer distance and keeps the positive and negative charges from re-combining before it reaches the charged surface.

Does the power supply voltage matter? The construction of the ionizing bar needs to match the power supply. Higher voltage doesn’t mean that it works better. Every component of that power supply and bar has a specific “dielectric strength”. If a single component is under rated for the voltage, the power supply or bar can fail. The higher the voltage, the higher the voltage rating required for every component.

When designing our ionizing bar, we wanted it to be compact yet powerful. EXAIR’s ionizing bar has an extremely low profile which is great when it comes to fitting it in tight spaces. We increased the life expectancy by insertion molding the stainless steel emitters into a durable engineered plastic resin. There are no grooves or openings to accumulate dust or dirt that could cause shorting or arcing. It is shockless and a perfect match for our 5kV power supply.

EXAIR power supplies are built here in the U.S., are UL Listed and CE compliant. They work in conjunction with the ionizing bar tolerances. There are no user serviceable parts – which is actually a good thing. The critical spacing of the components inside the metal power supply case are all maintained and sealed in place by using potting compound. This eliminates the chance of movement or arcing of those components – which keeps the unit safe. EXAIR power supplies are available with a choice of two or four high voltage outputs. They use standard bayonet electrical connectors (an industry standard) where the electrical connection is made deep in the power supply for safe operation.

EXAIR offers a wide variety of static eliminators that are suited to specific applications. We are not resellers! Our static eliminators have been designed, manufactured, and tested right here in our building located in Cincinnati, OH. The products and the people that help you understand and apply them have been around for decades! And, new products are always being developed. We’ll be glad to help you out if you have a static electricity problem. Just give us a call, chat or e-mail!

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