What is a good Line Vac Application?

Many times, we receive inquiries for Line Vac from customers who want to move 400 tons of some bulk material over 100 meters horizontal and 35 meters vertical into a silo (or some similar scenario). We have to let those customers know that our product does not have the capability to work at this capacity.  Such a conveying requirement would require the construction of a custom system with special feed hopper, piping, and blower assembly and sometimes even a cyclone separator at the end.

The Line Vac product is not made for such applications that require a great deal of customization. You may ask, “Well then, what is a good application for a Line Vac?”  I have just the example for you below.

Dear Sir/Madam,

 I am a mechanical design engineer working for a company that manufactures steel pipe systems. Part of the coating process involves externally blasting the pipes with steel shot. During that process a small amount of steel shot falls between the pipes, just outside the blasting cabinet. Presently, the shot is manually collected and recycled. See a photo of the area I am talking about below.

I am looking at installing a small hopper with one EXAIR Heavy Duty Line Vac conveyor at the bottom of the hopper. Another option is to use a Line Vac conveyor as a “vacuum cleaner”. Line Vac conveyor would convey the steel shot inside the blasting cabinet, through a 2-3m long rubber hose.

My estimate is that about half a bucket steel shot need to be recycled every 10 minutes.

1. Could you please suggest whether Heavy Duty Line Vac conveyor is the right choice for the application?

2. Could you recommend the proper size for my application?

Please contact me if you need additional information.

Mr. Customer

When I replied to the customer, I did so with a confident, “Yes, our Heavy Duty Line Vac would be the best option for your application”. I went on to explain that the rate and volume of material that he wanted to convey as well as the distance were all well within the parameters of the Heavy Duty Line Vac capability. Beyond the conveying ability, the Heavy Duty Line Vac also has the added feature that it is made from a hardened tool steel alloy that will resist wear for a long time to come. Not a bad feature since the material being conveyed is made specifically to wear away at metals, oxidation and other debris on their pipe.

Since the customer had only 2 – 3 meters through which the material needed to travel and only about a half a bucket every 10 minutes, I recommended model 150125 (1-1/4” Heavy Duty Line Vac) for his application. He began using as an in-line vacuum cleaner, but then implemented a tapered bottom hopper and has been satisfied ever since.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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