EXAIR Recognizes Memorial Day

Across the USA this weekend, the nation will be recognizing soldiers who have died serving our country and defending our freedom. While many of us may see this as the beginning of summer and a holiday off of work – it is certainly more than that.

Decoration Day, as it was first known, originated shortly after the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Observing Memorial Day includes activities such as visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family cookouts and walking in or observing parades. If you have not ever been to your town’s Memorial Day observance, it is an event worth seeing and participating in. There are countless soldiers who have paid the ultimate price to afford us the opportunities we have today, and the least we can do is offer our respect and recognition for their sacrifices. So please consider researching your local parades, a gravestone to place a flower on or a ceremony at your town’s veteran memorial, and we encourage you to take some time to honor and remember their efforts.

EXAIR will be closed Monday, May 29 in remembrance of Memorial Day.

Enjoy the Day,

The EXAIR Team

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