Cosmetics and Cold Guns

I wanted to share a unique application with you all that I came across last week in one of my discussions with a customer.  This particular application will likely hit closer to home for all you make-up wearing ladies out there : )  But, anyone dealing in hot-melt gluing processes can appreciate this as well.

A customer who supplies cosmetics companies with brushes for nail polish, lip gloss, and the like, uses a hot-melt glue to adhere the caps onto the plastic tubes into which the brush bristles are inserted.  In order for the adhesive to set properly, the hot-melt needs to be cooled quickly.

Our model 3925 Adjustable Spot Cooler was the perfect thing to recommend.  This is a spot-cooling product, and this customer had a spot-cooling requirement.  It also has the benefit of adjustability with regard to temperature and flow volume of cold air, so they can fine-tune the cooling to be just right for the job; not cooling to fast and not cooling to slow.

After installing and setting the Adjustable Spot Cooler, the number of rejected parts due to improper adhesion and pieces falling apart, significantly decreased and thus productivity improved.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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