Air Knife for Construction Paper Assembly

I received a call from a company that produces colored construction paper for the art and school industries.
Tablets of colored construction paper consist of about 10 – 15 sheets of paper per tablet. This customer has to insert a piece of “chip board” or heavier cardboard for each 10 – 15 sheet stack as a backer. This is similar to the cardboard used on the back of a legal paper pad. They have a problem inserting the chip board into the stack due to friction. They end up about 3 inches short of complete insertion every time. This causes obvious problems with productivity and line speed.

I recommended our model 110036 (36″ Aluminum Super Air Knife) to the customer due to the fact that the tablets are 36″ wide at the time of this step.

The Super Air Knife was able to provide a horizontal airflow to float the small stack of construction paper to allow full insertion of the chip board every time.  The customer has experienced a 15 – 25% increase in productivity.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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