Perfect Fit – Easy Blow Off

Much of my day is spent assisting customers by providing solutions to a blow off or drying application. It is also fairly common to hear from a customer who is manufacturing automobile parts and needs to cut back on the rejected parts from the car company they are making parts for. This customer fit both profiles. He is a fuel tank manufacturer who places the tanks underwater during a leak test. Part of the tank is the female portion of a pin connector, similar to one you would find on your printer connection. This pin connector provides data to an on-board computer about fuel levels and economy. The female pin connector holds the water from the tank and needs to be blown out before it gets bulk packed.

They have been simply turning the tank and letting the water drip out of the connector which has not been accepted by the car maker. The pin connector is 2″ wide and a perfect fit for our model 1122, 2″ Super Air Nozzle. An instant blast of air will quickly remove any residual water left in the connector and can eliminate the rejected parts. As we all experience a slower economy, a more efficient process is a necessity. We are happy to contribute even one nozzle to help the cause.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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