Cabinet Cooler in a harsh environment still going strong after 6 years

A large Japanese radiator manufacturer in Indonesia used a Freon based air conditioner unit to cool an electronic motor drive module. The air conditioner dripped condensation inside the cabinet causing a short  in the electronic motor drive. The motor drive had to be replaced at a cost of $20,000 US due to the water issue. The failed motor drive caused 1 of 2 production lines to go down for 1 month while they waited for the replacement. They lost 50% production while this happened.

Once the new drive came in, it was decided to use a large fan to blow in at the electronic module instead of the leaky air conditioner unit. They still had to stop the production line many times due to the controller being overheated, even with the fan running. Also, the atmosphere was somewhat corrosive. This condition caused the case of the new controller to rust with the door open and fan running.

The customer ended up applying a Model 4330 NEMA 12 Cabinet Cooler system to their panel. The Cabinet Cooler system allowed the customer to run their line continuously without a condensation problem and allowed them to run the equipment with the cabinet door closed. This kept dirt and the corrosive atmosphere from affecting the electronic motor drive module. The customer has been able to run their line, trouble-free 24/7 for the last 6 years without any maintenance issues or down time.




Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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