We are all in the same boat – increase efficiency, save money.

I had reason for a family gathering over the past week. I had the chance to see folks from Texas, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. I was speaking with an auto body guy from Michigan, a tech for an electronics company in Texas, a construction guy from Ohio and a farmer from Indiana. As conversations go, we began to speak of the economy. My impression, being in Ohio, is that many jobs which remain domestic are moving to Texas and the southern states, that Michigan has it the worst and Indiana is similar to what we see here. What I learned was we are all in very similar positions. The technician in Texas has seen her hours cut by 30%. The auto body guy works for a dealership in Michigan and is very busy with repair work, but the underlying tone is not good considering the state of the “Big 3”. The construction worker has commercial jobs through 2009 but nothing coming in to sustain beyond that. The farmer has seen prices for corn fall dramatically. Everyone chimed in to say how each of them is alerted to ways of keeping costs down, ways to spend money wisely, and ways to run more efficiently. If these things cannot be done we may all face tougher consequences.

Though I did not take the opportunity to sell compressed air products on the spot, I did begin to think about our products and their ability to fit within any of these industries. I recognized the way we maintain our competitiveness is through productivity improvements. Whether it is electronics manufacturing, automotive, agriculture or construction; EXAIR can be useful to them all. Anywhere there is a compressed air system, we believe there is room for improved efficiency. EXAIR products are money well spent as the return on investment is quantifiable and quick. We offer the tools for you to begin your own intelligent compressed air efficiency program. And we are available to help you along the way.

Kirk Edwards
EXAIR, Application Engineer

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