Line Vac saves an aching back

Workers at a plastic pipe fitting molder have to lift 25 kg. bags of plastic pellets to a height of 1.8 meters in order to dump into a mixer. Only certain workers are selected to do the job due to being stronger and able to handle the job better. However, after 15 bags, these workers still have to take a rest so they do not injure themselves.  Once the mixer has finished tumbling the plastic, the pellets have to be dumped into a box and then fed into the machine hoppers. Another point of lifting and dumping. The customer wants to get away from having to rely on the physical strength of their workers to perform this job. The risk of injury is too much for them to keep operating in this manner.






The customer was able to use model 6082 1-1/4″ aluminum Line Vac to aid workers in transporting the plastic pellets into the mixers and into machine hoppers. Using the Line Vac as a transport aid has enabled other workers to perform the task who previously avoided it.

Check out this video of the final solution in action

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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