Recover Before Economy

I spoke with an industrial lubricant manufacturer a few weeks ago. They were looking to provide a solution for a customer who needed to reduce cost of the lubricant they were purchasing. Their customer told them they would need to look at other suppliers if they could not reduce the price they were paying for the lubricant. They began to ask me about recovering the lubricant from the parts their customer was grinding. We discussed other successful applications where we have recovered coolant, cutting fluids, plating solution and rinse water (many times eliminating carryover also). We provided this lubricant manufacturer two simple Micro Air Nozzles, #1010ss to recover the grinding solution off of the parts and into the lubricant reservoir. The extended time in between adding more lubricant to the operation brought the cost of the lubricant down to an accpetable level for the end user. The lubricant manufacturer has continued to purchase blow off nozzles from EXAIR to provide a solution for other customers.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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