Nothing says good business like idle time

What? How in the world can that be you ask? I’ll explain. As we all see the economy slow, we invariably see some of our work load shrink. The time left over from a lesser work load can be the most valuable time we spend in our day, if we use it properly. Though you may be tempted to take a load off and rest, succumbing to this temptation could create plenty of time at home to rest (the kind of time a boss gives to a non-productive worker). We all need to look at the things we set aside for another day because we did not have time for them. In the industrial production segment this time can be spent improving your compressed air system. Whether it is looking for leaks, capping off open air lines with engineered nozzles, replacing home-made air curtains with engineered air knives,  regulating air pressure or retrofitting blow off applications with on/off controls to provide air only when necessary – all of these steps will immediately lower your operating costs and provide larger profit margins on product from now until things turn around. We have products to implement all of the above tasks and can help you quantify the potential savings. We will be standing idly by, waiting to hear from you – just don’t tell the boss.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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