Wrangling Cotton Balls

I had a customer call in the other day who manufactures and packages cotton balls used in the medical and cosmetics industries. The customer has to interface two machines; a cotton ball manufacturing machine and a form, fill & seal machine where the balls are packaged. The customer has looked into ways in which to move the machines close enough that the balls of cotton could just drop from one to the other. They have even looked into small bucket conveyors. But none of the choices seemed to be as clear cut and inexpensive to execute as using a Light Duty Line Vac. Also, by using the Light Duty Line Vac, they could locate their machines relative to one another in places where they made more sense from a floor space point of view. They were originally looking to install the cotton ball machine up 72 inches in the air so the balls could drop right into the packaging machine. Again, all of the alternate choices had serious drawbacks due to price or difficulty to execute.

The customer ended up going with Model 132300 (3″ Light Duty Line Vac Kit) and a 20 ft. length of hose to accomodate the movement of the material from one machine to the next.

The Light Duty Line Vac option was clearly the more economical option that made the most sense to the customer. The Light Duty Line Vac solution was easily less than ½ the cost of the other solutions that the customer had considered. The Light Duty Line Vac works flawlessly to convey the 2000 cotton balls/minute required.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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