Line Vac Part of Turnkey Solution

This past week, I spoke to someone at an Engineering consulting company who makes turnkey automation systems for various industries.  He was looking to incorporate one of our Line Vacs into a system that conveys small discs that had been punched out of cardboard sheets.  The discs needed to be carried from the collection bin they drop into after being punched out, a few feet away to a funnel assembly.  This funnel has a small rectangular opening at the outlet, where the discs pass through single file, to then be counted by a laser counting system. 

I recommended our model 6084 2″ Aluminum Line Vac.  It will support all the various disc sizes that need to be moved.  It will be mounted on the bottom of the collection bin so that it will be gravity fed, and no discs will be missed.  I also recommended using a pressure regulator to fine-tune the inlet pressure so that the feed rate from the Line Vac into the funnel doesn’t create a backlog or overload the laser counting system and further contribute to jam-ups and miscounts.

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