We Improved the Results, What Else Would You Expect?

This is what our products do all day long… Problem one is a home-made blow off consisting of four open tubes, each with a 1/4″ inside diamter. Each tube running at 80 PSIG consumes around 35 SCFM and runs upwards of 85 decibels. Problem two is even with all this air blowing around an iron sprinkler pipe, the rinse water is not being removed well enough for a good finish. This pipe gets coated with a UV cured lacquer as the last finishing step and the water prevents a good finish. The maximum diameter of the sprinkler pipe is 2″ which is a good fit for our 3″ Super Air Wipe. Problem one, high air consumption, is brought down from 140 SCFM to 39.8 SCFM at 80 PSIG. Problem two, uneven removal of water and high decibels, is remedied by providing a complete 360 degree blow off at 79 decibels. Ultimately, the bad finish upon the sprinkler pipe is no longer a problem area of the process, the customer has saved air, and the environmental noise levels are reduced. EXAIR expects nothing less, why should you?

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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