Clean Up That Mess Fruit Cake


We have all been given them but have you ever wondered where they came from? I came into contact with a Christmas Fruit Cake bakery having a problem with burned up shop vacuums.

At the end of a product run, there is residual product (fruits and liquid) left in the product bin that has to be vacuumed out. They have been using commercial vacuums which would burn up within a couple of months. They saw one of our ads depicting a guy throwing away burned up shop vacuums and related with the picture.

They contacted me for technical assistance. We went over the design features, specifically the fact that the Drum Vac has no moving parts so nothing to wear out or burn up. Powered with compressed air, it is also safer in a wet environment. I suggested the Model 6296 Deluxe Drum Vac because it could do double duty. They could use it to vacuum up their sump as well as spills on the floor.
They purchased 6296 Deluxe Drum Vac and were elated with the performance. It is one of the more sought after pieces of equipment on their shop floor.

One thought on “Clean Up That Mess Fruit Cake

  1. The lesson to be learned here is that fruitcake is really bad on vaccuums. What do you suppose it does to a digestive system? (Gah! I hate to think about it!)

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