Not Just Because of the Holiday Season

Our new product line of vacuum generators, the E-Vac, is gaining interest from our customers and allowing us to provide solutions for many different applications.

One of our customers wanted to place a solenoid valve on the exhaust of the E-Vac because she needed to create a positve purge on the vacuum port of the E-Vac which would eject the part which was initially picked up out of a die. With a closed valve on the exhaust of the E-Vac, the air is forced through the vacuum port.

I did not know how the vacuum levels would be affected with any back pressure through the open solenoid, and needed to run some tests. It wasn’t just out of the kindness of my heart (some would tell you it would be hard to find) that I ran the tests, and not just because it is the holiday season; It is how we are trained to react to questions we may not have an immediate answer to.

Fortunately we are fully staffed which allows any one of us (the Application Engineers) to step away and run some test which could be helpful to our customer. Most of this results in information which will be helpful to another customer in the future. We can also provide product on a 30 day unconditional trial if we feel it is best for the testing to be done in a real world situation – either way we can provide valuable information.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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