Compressed Air at the North Pole?

Yes, its true, folks.  They even have compressed air at the North Pole.  How do I know this, you ask?  Because Mr. Santa Claus himself called me last week with a big problem on his hands.  His elves have been furiously working away, getting all the toys made that are to be delivered tomorrow morning to good girls and boys around the world.  However, in their haste, they neglected to clean up after themselves.  So, Santa’s workshop is covered in little bits and pieces of plastic, wood, and even some metal shavings.  Mrs. Claus, who likes to keep a clean house, let it slide for a while.  But, now, it is simply unacceptable.  She requested a quick, easy way to clean up the mess so the workshop is all ready to go for next year’s batch of toys. 

So, when Santa called me in his predicament, I quickly recommended our model 6293 Deluxe Chip Vac System.  It runs only on compressed air, which they have plenty of, since they use it to make some of the toys.  The Deluxe system comes with the hose, and all sorts of tools to connect to the end of it, just like your standard vacuum cleaner at home.  So, they can clean up both small and big chips, from open spaces and little nooks and crannies on the machines.  It even comes with a drum dolly, so the drum can be easily pulled around the workshop on wheels as it gets fuller and heavier. 

I haven’t heard back from him yet, because I am sure he won’t even get to the cleaning until January.  But, I am certain he will be pleased with the results.  He may even decide to incorporate some of our other products into the toy making process, such as Vortex Tubes and Super Air Knives.  But, that is a whole other discussion.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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