Refreshing, Even if it is Wastewater Sludge Foam

I have seen plastic pellets in my daydreams, heard the sounds of tumbling media resonating in my ears, had my olfactory senses awakened by assorted spices and grains – all because they are common materials we move (daily) with our Line Vac product line.

So when I had the chance to deal with wastewater sludge foam, all my senses were peaked with caution and unfamiliarity!

Our subject, maintenance supervisor at a municipality wastewater treatment plant, was having issues with the heavy, black wastewater sludge foam escaping from between the floating cover and the wall of the digester tank. It had been left as is until it created an environment no-one wanted to deal which meant additional cleaning time and maintenance.

Our Line Vac, which typically deals with dry bulk product, provided a solution to pick up the sludge foam from the troublesome areas around the tank, recombine it into liquid as it ran throught the tranfer hose and dump it back into the digetser tank through a port in the floating lid.

I must first admit my skepticism about the application, but with our 30 day trial it makes it easy to deliver product without risk to the customer getting stuck with something that doesn’t work. But I was proven hasty in my judgement when the customer provide the positve feedback about the success of the application.

I found the refeshing novelty of a new application for an established product line quite nice – and found the relief of not processing a used Line Vac exposed to wastewater sludge foam. Doesn’t it just make you want to cry? (thinking of the smell that is)

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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