Clear Instructions, Stay Focused or Split Your Chin Wide Open

You may have seen a couple posts about the dash of harsh winter weather we have experienced. It has left us with ice coated surroundings. My young son does not see treacherous walkways or slippery stairs; his vision of a non-stop playground remains.

Before school yesterday, his instructions were clear: gather his school work, walk out to the van, and get in the van for a ride to school. As young minds may do, his apparently wandered into an opportunity to grab a shovel and start chipping away at the ice on the driveway. Only moments later he found himself a victim of decreased friction, poor balance and poor judgement, which resulted in 6 stitches on the chin.

Even with clear instructions is it sometimes hard to stay focused and get the job done.

EXAIR knows it is difficult to remain focused in many situations and under different circumstances. We understand this difficult economy can take its toll on our abilities to prioritize or find motivation to work on previously unimportant or unseen problems. But we do have the instructions and tools to make your compressed air system more efficient:

1. Measure your air consumption
2. Locate and fix any compressed air leaks in the system
3. Upgrade your end use blow off applications with engineered products
4. Turn off the compressed air when not needed for production
5. Use intermediate storage of compressed air near the point of use
6. Control the pressure at the point of use to minimize consumption

These six steps to optimize your compressed air consumption do work. EXAIR has the products to make each step possible and to help prevent you from taking one to the chin.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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