Secondary Air Storage; What Is That?

In the typical compressor system, you have primary storage and secondary storage for the compressed air volume. The primary storage is the large tank or tanks that you will see near the air compressor, and auxiliary equipment used to cool and dry the compressed air.

Secondary storage is that compressed air which is located in the “distribution system”. The purpose of secondary air storage is for dedication to a specific end use application or to provide additional storage at the end of the distribution line or loop.

OK, so now we know what it is, but why have it? There are certain advantages to having secondary air stored close to an end use application. They are:
1. Maintain more stable pressures at points of use.
2. Improve the speed, thrust, torque or force generated within an application.
3. Control demand events (peak demand periods) in the compressed air system by reducing both the amount and rate of pressure drop or as they are more commonly called, “spikes” in demand.

When conditions permit, the use of secondary air storage along with an EXAIR product can greatly enhance the performance of the EXAIR product, especially when used in an intermittent (on/off) mode.

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that EXAIR does also carry a 60 gallon receiver tank that can be used in this way. Following is a link to our web page where you can read more:  Model 9500-60 Receiver Tank

If you have any questions about how to integrate a receiver tank into your application, feel free to contact us at the factory.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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