Fumigating the Chicken Coop

I was contacted by a chicken farmer needing help with fumigating his chicken coop with a powdery chemical. He raises “free range” chickens which means that they are free to roam around and are not penned up in cages like conventional production chicken farms.

The floor of the coop is covered with ground corn cob to absorb droppings. It also harbors lice and other critters. While the chickens are outside, he takes handfuls of a powdered chemical and throws it against all surfaces inside. This method does not give an even application leaving clumps of material. It is also wasteful and costly.

I suggested he use our Vac U Gun transfer system model # 6292. This is a hand held compressed air operated gun that on one end a vacuum is generated and blown out the other end. [Click here to see] .

With the Vac U Gun he was able to vacuum the powder out of a sack.  The gun then dispersed it with a large volume of air, giving a plume of dust and an even disbursement throughout the coop. This reduced his chemical use in half.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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