Vortex Cooling a Variable Speed Motor

It is hard to imagine coming off the coldest spell of the year that I would be presented with a cooling application. In steel mills, paper converters, bakeries, and canning companies, indoor temperatures can be quite high regardless of the outdoor temperatures.

My customer was operating a variable speed motor near an autoclave. The motor was equipped with a fan blade attached to the spindle. At higher RPM’s the fan is able to circulate enough air to keep the motor cooled. But at lower RPM’s, there is insufficient airflow and the motor overheats.

I recommended he build a plenum over the air intake and install a Model 3240 Vortex Tube to feed air into the fan without introducing hot ambient air. The cool dry air from the Vortex Tube not only cooled the motor but it also prevented steam from entering the motor when the autoclave was opened. This in turn eliminated corrosion to the internals parts of the motor.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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