Stay Efficient Under Pressure

 If you keep your end-use applications down to the minimum required pressure for success you contribute to potentially lowering the overall pressure output of your compressor, which will reduce your energy consumption.

Step number six in Six Steps to Optimization is:
1. Measure your air consumption
2. Locate and fix any compressed air leaks in the system
3. Upgrade your end use blow off applications with engineered products
4. Turn off the compressed air when not needed for production
5. Use intermediate storage of compressed air near the point of use
6. Control the pressure at the point of use to minimize consumption

This is a very simple and easy process. All it requires is a pressure regulator. Installing a pressure regulator at all of your point of use applications will allow you to lower the pressure of these applications to the lowest pressure possible for success. Lowering the pressure of the application also lowers the air consumption. And it naturally follows that lower air consumption equals energy savings.

A compressed air system, with the proper tools and maintenance, can be optimized for efficiency. Many of the steps you can take, such as the pressure regulators described here and the steps I have outlined for the past six weeks can be easily accomplished.

Consider EXAIR an ally in the battle against compressed air waste and inefficiencies. Contact us with a project you know needs to be retrofitted with efficient products or the next time you plumb up a new application.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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