Let’s Go Surfing!

I imagine many Pacific Coast residents and vacationers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of surfing season.  In order to get ready for the rush, the surfboard manufacturers are ramping up their production efforts and are making sure their boards are the best out there.  This is especially true in Hawaii, one of the best surfing areas in the US. 

Surfboards are made of a lightweight foam to ensure buoyancy, and are precision cut to create the optimum hydrodynamic shape.  I spoke to a surfboard maker last week who was looking for a way to eliminate melting of the foam, caused by his drilling and cutting processes.  There are two small areas just a few inches apart, that need to be cooled to prevent heat-related warpage.

I suggested our model 5330 High Power Cold Gun with Dual Point Hose Kit.  The gun will provide plenty of cooling to keep both drill bits cool.  The dual point hose kit will allow the cold air to be split into two streams, one for each drill bit, to cool them simultaneously.

This will eliminate the heat-related melting and warping of the foam, resulting in fewer scrapped boards and increased quantities of boards produced daily.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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