Energy Incentive Programs

The link in this blog post will take you to the US Government’s database for energy incentive programs offered all over the United States. If you are not within the United States, research your government’s energy savings programs to see if you can take advantage of any compressed air efficiency programs by installing EXAIR products on your compressed air system.

Our local utility here in Ohio offers a $25 rebate on 15 models of our engineered air nozzles. This is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to gain all of the air and noise savings benefits of the EXAIR Engineered Air Nozzles and get them for an even better net price.

After clicking this link, Look below the US map to the “State Incentives and Resource Database” and click the link to access the database to find any applicable programs for your area.

As energy efficiency continues to be important, we have found more and more programs which apply to our products. We also continue to add engineered products to meet the requirements of many of these programs.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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