Tool Cooling Without the Coolant

Tired of changing out the coolant in your coolant sump?  Tired of the residue that coolant is leaving on the surface of your parts?  Tired of cleaning up the mess that liquid coolant leaves behind?  One of our Spot Cooling Products may be just what you are looking for.

We have a standard Cold Gun, available with either a single or dual hose outlet for fairly small cooling jobs.  We have a High Power unit available as well, for those larger drill bits and saws.  For all those jobs in between, we have an Adjustable Spot Cooler which allows you to dial in just the right amount of cooling to suit the application. 

In just the past few weeks, I have had multiple calls for all three of these units.  I had a customer contact me who needed to cool a small engraving needle.  I quickly recommended our  model 5215 Cold Gun with single hose outlet.  It will provide more than enough cooling to keep the engraving needle at a safe temperature.

Last week, I spoke to a gentleman at an Environmental Engineering Consulting company, who had a customer looking to get away from using liquid coolant, both for the mess it leaves and the expenses of processing and disposing of it.  The end user needed to cool 1/4″ thick, 10″ diameter saw blades.  This was quite a cooling job, so I recommended our High Power Cold Gun, model 5330, with dual point hose kit.  That way, they can split the total cold air flow evenly and aim it at both sides of the blade.

Just the other day I got a call from a machine tool company who actually needs to cool several different drill bit sizes, all on the same machine, from 1/8″-1/2″.  Since not all the bits required the same amount of cooling, one or the other of our Cold Guns was not the best product.  Thus, I recommended our model 3925 Adjustable Spot Cooler.  This will allow them to achieve any amount of cooling in between the ranges of our standard and High Power Cold Guns.  The dual hose kit can be used to direct cold air on both sides of a larger bit, or aimed at the same location, to focus cooling on a smaller bit. 

All three of these Spot Coolers operate using Vortex Tube technology, which means that they instantly produce cold air, and will remain doing so as long as they have consistent compressed air supply.  So, if you are tired of dealing with messy coolant, it may be time for you to give one of our products a try. 

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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