Save the Headache with a Cabinet Cooler

Remember last summer when you had to climb up into the rafters to fix the electrical control which overheated? Why it was installed in such a difficult place to reach is always a mystery.

Or how about the drive you burned up because the fan filter was clogged up with dust? Fans and filters just don’t belong in some environments.

And don’t forget the camera that fried in its inspection housing due to its hot environment. Just because it is made to look into the furnace does not mean it can always take the heat.

These are just a few examples of the problems which generally arise as the temperatures of spring and summer rise. A Cabinet Cooler solution for the “out of sight, out of mind” control box which is mounted up in the rafters can be set up on a thermostat which will turn the Cabinet Cooler off in the winter and back on again in the hotter spring and summer. It is an “out of sight, out of mind” solution, which does not result in another trip into the rafters next spring.

That control box with the clogged filter and fan will benefit from removing the fan and filter and replacing them with an NHP Cabinet Cooler. This unit creates a continuous purge inside the cabinet of just 1 SCFM until cooling is needed. Then it turns on and provides the necessary cooling. This keeps out the constant dust and debris while cooling at the same time.

And the camera looking into the furnace won’t need to be replaced when outfitted with our high temperature Cabinet Cooler, which is built to withstand environmental temperatures up to 200F.

Cabinet Coolers can save you the headaches year after year. A simple and quick solution for many overheating problems with low maintenance and low cost. Once you outfit a cabinet with an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler, you can forget about those headaches for good.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

2 thoughts on “Save the Headache with a Cabinet Cooler

  1. I am looking into the operating cost of your cabinet coolers vs traditional cabinet coolers. Do you have any data that can prove your product is more energy efficient?
    I will be using #4840-ETC120. What is the SCFM of this unit?

  2. Mike,

    EXAIR’s 2800 Btu/Hr Cabinet Cooler total operation cost which includes purchase price, installation cost, maintenance and operation cost is $561.00 per year compared to $702.00 per year for a traditional 2200 btu/Hr Freon air conditioner. If you would like the details please e-mail me, I have a detailed comparison for our 1700 Btu/Hr Cabinet Cooler.

    The #4840-ETC120 will consume 40 SCFM at 100 PSIG when the solenoid valve is open. We always recommend a thermostatically controlled Cabinet Cooler (like the ETC) which operates as efficiently as possible. The ETC will allow you to adjust the internal temperature range; we recommend a setting of 95F. A higher setting is also possible and further increase efficiency. Only increase the temperature setting after you have confirmed the temperature rating of your internal components.

    Kirk Edwards, EXAIR

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