Cabinet Coolers Used For More Than Just Cooling

Even though our Cabinet Coolers are primarily designed for cooling electronic enclosures, they do have other purposes as well.  I spoke to two companies last week who wanted to use them for keeping dust out of their control panels.

One customer actually wanted both dust control and cooling for his cabinet, as it was going to be located in a very hot, dirty ambient environment.  So, I actually recommended one of our Non-Hazardous Purge Nema 4 thermostat controlled units.  These units allow a small amount of airflow into the cabinet at all times, even when the solenoid valve is in the “off” position, to continually purge the cabinet and keep dust out. 

The other customer I spoke to had virtually no heat problem in his cabinet, as it only contained a few simple electronics.  But, this equipment was sensitive to dust and dirt, so the enclosure had to be kept as clean as possible.  So, I recommended the smallest of our medium-sized Nema 12 thermostat controlled Cabinet Coolers, to allow for any unforeseen ambient heat issues that may arise.  Since the unit is to be mounted on a sealed enclosure, it’s Nema 12 protection rating will ensure that no dust will enter the cabinet even when the unit is off. 

As Cabinet Cooler season approaches, keep in mind that in addition to their excellent cooling capabilities, our Cabinet Coolers can acually provide multiple benefits to your application.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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