So, you have gone through an energy audit, now what?

You hear it and read it everywhere these days. Energy savings is the route many companies are taking to help improve their bottom line. The first step in the process to energy savings is to perform an energy audit to know where the company stands in terms of energy consumption. Everything from lighting, to compressed air systems are reviewed.

OK, so the question goes, I have gone through the audit process and have developed a benchmark for the company with recommendations for what needs to be done. What do we do now?

In terms of the compressor system, the recommendations might be something like, “replace open blowing pipe fitting with engineered nozzle”, or “turn off compressed air to application when no longer needed between cycles”. But who do you go to for solutions to these very general suggestions?  The answer would be EXAIR Corporation.

We have spent the last 25+ years advising customers of how to improve the performance and efficiency of the demand side of their compressor system. The “demand side” being the points within the manufacturing process where compressed air is used to affect some result.

So, if you find yourself with a list of general recommendations about your compressed air usage, please visit our web site, call us or hop onto a chat session to get some really good ideas about the “nuts and bolts” of what to do in your specific applications.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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