Neccesity is the Mother of Innovation

During these tough economic times, survivors are those that can think outside the box and cultivate products and services that go overlooked in easier times. I came across an innovative entrepreneur who had a solution that the big companies were willing to accept but not necessarily their customers.

Due to its longevity and freedom from maintenance, plastic is beginning to replace wood fencing. The problem with picket fencing that manufacturers are overlooking is that the glue does not always hold. There is nothing more disappointing after putting out a large cash lay than to have the slats fall off.

This entrepreneur developed a process to position and ultrasonically weld the slats to the rail. What he approached me with was a way to cool the the tooling. Since he was pushing the welder to its maximum, excessive heat builds up in the piezoelectric transducer and sonotrode. This is a common application for us so I suggested the model 5315 Cold Gun that produces refrigerated air from compressed air.

As with our other customers who have implemented this type of cooling, it worked flawlessly. I am in the market for fencing, but I think I will wait until the welded units become available.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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