Cold Gun Increased Cutting Productivity By 1/3

I recently visited a local sign manufacturing company. They make signs which are fabricated out of aluminum sheet, PVC and other similar materials. The lettering used in their signs is usually of the 3D variety which involves a lot of fabrication to create.

The customer was using a CNC router with a mist coolant system to cut the lettering out of the sheet materials. During the cutting process, the customer would make 3 passes to fully cut through the material with the cutter. During my visit, we were able to install the Cold Gun onto the router head and aim the cooling nozzles at the cutter.

The result was that they were able to make the same cut in only 2 passes instead of three, saving the customer a large chunk of time in the process. Besides the productivity gain on the cutting, the customer no longer has to clean the parts prior to assembly and paint. This part of the process also resulted in a large time savings as well as the parts no longer had to be wiped down with a rag and solvent when finished.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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