Air Knife For Drying Bottles Before Labeling

Ever tried to glue a piece of paper or plastic to a wet surface?  It doesn’t usually work so well.  I was contacted by a customer recently who worries about this problem every day. 

He works for a company that makes and bottles various beverages including wine and grape juices.  One of the juice lines uses PET bottles.  After being filled, the bottles go through a washing cycle then need to be dried before moving on to the labeler.  If the bottles aren’t properly dried, the labels won’t stick, and the bottle will be rejected. 

The bottles are a maximum of 12″ tall.  So, I recommended using 2pc of our 12″ Stainless Steel Super Air Knife.  The ideal mounting position is to have the knives mounted vertically, one on each side of the bottle conveyor.  Then the knives should be rotated to about a 45-degree angle opposite the direction of travel of the bottles.  This will essentially wipe all the water from the entire circumference of the bottle and blow it away from where the dried bottles are traveling.  This will prevent any blown off water from re-wetting the bottles entering the labeler. 

Dry bottles entering the labeler ensures that the labels will properly adhere to the bottle surface, and will lead to fewer rejects.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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