Air Savings at a Bakery

A major national bakery has begun an air savings program and has successfully proven air savings by installing EXAIR’s Super Air Knives in the place of pipe with drilled holes. That success has led to other areas of the bakery which could benefit from retrofitting homemade blow offs with engineered compressed air products.

The latest situation was a de-panning application; a spot in production where the baked goods were loosened from the baking pan with a jet of air prior to getting dumped on to a belt.

The old setup had ten 3/8 schedule 40 pipes capped off, with a 9/64″ hole drilled in each pipe. An estimated air consumption of 22 SCFM based on their air pressure. EXAIR retrofitted the application with ten Model 1100 Super Air Nozzles which require only 14 SCFM each at 80 PSIG. A savings of 8 SCFM per nozzle totals 80 SCFM. That is approximately 20 Hp horsepower of compressed air saved with one retrofit!

The benefits of EXAIR’s products continue to encourage customers to find areas which can be improved and money saved. Many times, such as this example, the retrofit is very simple. The customer only needed a 3/8 FNPT x 1/4 MNPT adapter and the job was done.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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