Cold Gun Eliminates Bottleneck in Press-fitting Application

A well known manufacturer of household appliance products contacted me recently with a cooling problem. Customer had a small, aluminum pulley that was heated and subsequently had a shaft pressed into it. The pulley weighed .07 lbs.  After the shaft press, the customer needed to cool from 500F down to 110F in 15 seconds or less. Current time was at 45 seconds with normal, compressed air exiting smashed pipe.

Customer implemented the Model 5330 High Power Cold Gun and was able to reduce cooling time to 15 seconds, realizing a 2/3 gain in time for the application.

Spot heating appliances using either gas or induction type heaters are quite common in industry. Spot Cooling options are extremely limited though. So, the High Power Cold Gun provides one solution for this kind of cooling application.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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