Efficiency in More Ways Than One

As EXAIR continues to provide customers with the most efficient compressed air products and reduce air consumption, it is important to remember that we are efficient in other ways.

We provide efficient delivery. Last week Friday, a customer with overheating hydraulic controls needed product shipped Next Day Air Saturday AM delivery. We were able to fulfill his request.

We provide a broad line of products and accessories which leads to efficient purchasing for the customers. Not only did this same customer need one of our core products, we also provided them with multiple accessories needed upon installation. Rather than sourcing the product somewhere else and cutting multiple purchase orders, only one was needed.

Here are the details:  This customer had hydraulic controls on an overhead crane which lifted precast concrete product across the plant. The controls were overheating and shutting down the crane. The customer asked for a temporary solution until they were able to find time to properly fix the problem.

The controls were not in a traditional enclosure but merely shielded with sheet metal. This left enough room to provide a small amount of air flow across the circuits and remove some additional heat.

EXAIR provided an 18″ Super Air Knife which covered the overheating area. We also provided 200′ of compressed air hose and fittings necessary to hook directly from the main supply to the air knife.

We have the experience necessary to recommend the proper product for applications on the first try. We are staffed to provide quick information and quotations. And we also manufacture special length air knives in one week.

At EXAIR, efficiency goes well beyond the performance of our products. The next time you are in a jam and need a compressed air solution, let us know.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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