Hold Vacuum on Steel Mold Cavity

Plastic injection molding can sometimes be a tricky process to get exactly right, especially when some of the mold cavities are quite small.  Without special care, the molten plastic does not always make it all the way down into those small nooks and crannies of the mold. 

A plastic injection molding company contacted me last week with an application just like this.  He was looking for a way to pull a vacuum on a 1-2 cubic inch cavity in a steel mold.  Steel is essentially a non-porous material, so one of our High Vacuum In-Line E-Vac Vacuum Generators would be in order.  Because of the small size of the cavity, the smallest one, model 810002, would be more than sufficient for the job.  But, the inlet pressure of this unit can be adjusted to both minimize air consumption, and reduce the vacuum level down to a level that still meets the requirements without being overkill.

Installation of this unit will lead to fewer rejected plastic parts due to improper mold filling.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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