Line Vac Used For Ball Retrieval in Amusement Park Shooting Game

This application comes to us courtesy of another of our International distributors. An Amusement Park  has as one of its attractions a ride/game where the riders get into a “car” and shoot small, yellow balls at a large wall made to look like swiss cheese. The holes are of 3 different sizes and the point value increases as the holes get smaller in diameter. Each car is equipped with a firing cannon to launch the balls at the wall. Once the balls make their trip to the bottom of the wall of cheese, they are collected from a central location and must be transported back to a hopper for replenishing the cannons on each individual car. Model 6084 2″ Aluminum Line Vac was selected to transport the balls back up into the main feed hopper. A wand and length of hose are used to suck the balls up to the hopper by ride personnel.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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